Producing quality software is a task that requires patience and experience. By quality we mean software that is fit for purpose, solid and easy to use. It is very important to us that our customers receive the very best user experience. The steps that we take to achieve this are:

  1. All software products start with a full written specification based upon client needs.
  2. The user interface is then designed and refined with the single goal of making the software as easy to use as possible (even if that requires significant additional programing effort.)
  3. The software output is defined in detail.
  4. We carefully choose our software development tools to provide long term reliability with minimum footprint on the client's computer.
  5. Program development is undertaken only by experienced software/structural engineers.
  6. All software methods must be proved bug free prior to testing (we use special in house techniques.)
  7. Rigorous final testing.
  8. Programs are supplied with comprehensive context sensitive on-line help together with a downloadable printable manual. Many programs also offer video tutorials.
  9. New programs and software upgrades are supplied with a software notice providing comprehensive details of all program modifications.
  10. New releases are capable of reading data files produced by older releases.
  11. For your security all software downloads and executables are then code signed. This ensures that they come from us and can't be altered.

Try before you buy, all our software is available free for a 28 day period. Software can be installed either on a single computer or network.


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