Quikframe - Frame analysis and design software

Frame analysis program with steel and timber design to EN 1993, EN 1995, BS5950 and BS5268.

If you want an easy-to-use but powerful structural analysis tool then why not try Quikframe, the innovative program for the analysis of 2D frames in any elastic material. Using a simple but versatile set of drawing tools, you can quickly and accurately draw almost any type of frame and get instant results. Optional steel and timber design modules in accordance with Eurocode 3, Eurocode 5, BS5950 and BS5268.

Key features:

  1. 2D trusses, vierendeel girders, portals, multi-storey frames
  2. Works with any material - steel and timber tables built-in
  3. 2nd order analysis and stability checks including calculation of the elastic critical load factor
  4. Unique CAD-like input - just sketch your frame
  5. Wide range of loading types - just sketch your loading
  6. Handles tapered sections
  7. Optional 'plug-in' steel design (BS5950/Eurocode 3)
  8. Optional 'plug-in' timber design (BS5268/Eurocode 5)
  9. Comprehensive output with links to CAD

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Find it a chore using your old program? With Quikframe there's no need to calculate X,Y co-ordinates, you don't have to remember sign conventions. You don't use node or member numbers. Just set out your construction lines using the drawing tools provided.

Quikframe simple fast geometry creation

Members, bases and loads are all drawn with a simple point and click of the mouse.

You don't even have to look up structural properties. Quikframe has built-in tables for all common steel and timber sections. These tables can easily be extended to cover other materials or to suit local requirements.

Quikframe simple section selection

Quikframe simple drag and dropAnd there's more? Yes, Quikframe has more practical functionality than any other low-cost program. Useful features such as tapered members (ideal for haunches!) and full in-span results repay its low cost time and time over.

Quikframe even has optional 'plug-in' design modules to Eurocode 3 (steel), BS5950 (steel), Eurocode 5 (timber), and BS5268 (timber). After analysis, choose either the Design or Check wizards. You'll have all the results you want in seconds.

Quikframe deflection diagram




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