QuikEC3 - Section properties calculator and Eurocode design tool

An ideal training tool for EN 1993-1-1 (Eurocode 3). QuikEC3 is a very useful 'electronic blue book' which can calculate properties, section classifications and structural capacities for a wide range of section shapes, using Eurocode 3 terminology. A database of all major world-wide steel sections is included but custom tables are easily built for non-standard sections. View calculations for classification, capacity, combined capacity, strut, lateral torsional buckling and combined buckling in simple tabs or output calculations for a complete solution. 

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QuikEC3 is a unique program which addresses the need for simple, effective and low-cost software for steel design to EN-1993-1 (Eurocode 3). It is based on the popular Merlin package which first introduced the concept of the 'electronic blue book'. Extensive research and development has produced an everyday practical tool which is also a powerful aid to learning the Eurocode. All the more difficult Eurocode concepts have been incorporated to ensure that it offers a comprehensive and versatile solution capable of addressing a wide range of section profiles.

QuikEC3 Eurocode 3 section properties and design

Fundamental to the operation of QuikEC3 is its set of steel tables (shown above). We provide UK, EC, USA and Japanese sections but the user can add simple and compound sections of his own. All relevant Eurocode 3 properties are calculated and presented in familiar looking tables. QuikEC3 handles the widest range of section shapes you will find. Useful 'tool-tips' compare BS5950 and Eurocode 3 terminology aiding the transition to the new code.

But it doesn't stop there. Just click the 'Class' tab and input an axial force. The section classification and effective properties are immediately calculated. Click the 'Y capacity' tab, add shear and moment - the major axis capacity checks are carried out. Work through the remaining tabs adding any additional data and you will have a complete set of calculations. Loop backwards and forwards trying 'What if' scenarios - it's all very, very fast.

Eurocode 3 section classification including class 4 slender sections

The output calculations are detailed, very clear and fully annotated with Eurocode 3 clause refererences. Ideally suited to the Eurocode 3 training environment, they're also very checking Engineer friendly.

Steel grades:

S235, S275, S355, S420, S450, S460 and user defined.

Supplied steel tables

British standard sections: UB, UC, RSJ, UBP, HF-CHS, HF-SHS, HF-RHS, CF-CHS, CF-SHS, CF-RHS, RSA, TEE (from UB/UC), 2-RSC (compound channels), 2-RSA (compound angles), PFC, 2-PFC (compound PF channels), ASB (asymmetric beams), SFB (Slimflor beams), UB/PFC (Gantry Girders)

Euronorm parallel flange beams: Euro HE, HL, HD, HP,IPE

American sections to ASTM specifications: American W Shapes in accordance with ASTM A6/A6M

Japanese sections: Euro HE, HL, HD, HP, IPE

Custom Steel Tables

The user can create any number of custom sections and section table files. Sections can be totally new sections of the supported shapes (above) or based on existing sections. Sections can be combined to form compound/built-up sections.

Section checks

Section classifications for axial, y bending, z bending: (for non-symmetrical sections, classification is carried out for either top, bottom, left or right of section in compression depending upon section orientation)

Calculation of effective section properties for class4 (slender) sections including any shift in neutral axis.

Section capacity checks: axial tension, axial compression, moment, low shear, high shear, moment and shear, moment with axial, moment axial and shear for both Y and Z axis bending.

Combined axial, X moment and Y moment capacity checks.

Combinded buckling and lateral torsional buckling checks.

Example output:

Eurocode 3 calculations

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